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 Site Review: Martha Speaks



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Content:  The online home for the popular kids’ show “Martha Speaks,” this site contains games, videos and activities that form a comprehensive program for expanding younger student’s vocabulary.

martha SpeaksDesign: Just like the television program, the site is fun and adorned with plenty of “Martha” imagery. It uses a less-structured layout, with links and navigation spread across the page. A traditional navigation bar appears on the left side of the page, if users should need a reference point. All games and activities work beautifully in the browser.

Review:  Vocabulary is an important predictor of children’s reading success, yet teaching vocabulary can be a challenge, especially with younger students. Martha Speaks helps by offering appealing activities that feature a popular television character. Like the show, the site is designed to help students understand the meanings of words.

Bottom Line:  An excellent support for any vocabulary lesson, the Martha Speaks Web site is a great place for younger students to explore new words.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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