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 Site Review: Lego Education


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Content:  Lego Education combines the unique excitement of Lego bricks with hands-on classroom solutions for science, technology, engineering, math, literacy and more.

DesignThis site from Lego does away with all of the flash and pop of its product sites and sticks to business. (Don’t come in expecting fancy animations and fighting ninjas.) There is a clean and logical navigation that runs across the top and left sides of the site. Teachers can easily jump from one area to another without getting lost. In the off chance that users can’t find their way through the site, a hand search appears in the upper right corner of every page .

LEgo EducationReview: Lego has earned a reputation for offering an incredibly fun toy and helping teach critical educational concepts to children. It should come as no surprise that the company’s educational materials are very good. They are all based in the STEM disciplines of science and math and come ready for classroom use. The only reason the site loses points is that everything has a price tag. The product line is very diverse, ranging from $5 books on fractions to $3,000 sets that provide enough materials for 24 students to explore pulleys, levers and much more.

Bottom Line:  Lego Education’s materials and professional development content are very good--just be prepared to make an investment.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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