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Content: A visually compelling application on desktops, iPads and iPhones, Jux allows teachers and students to tell stories with graphics, text and audio. This online environment focuses on the content you create with photos, video and slideshows, allowing users to network socially without sidebars, ads or logos.

juxDesign: This site—with lots of asymmetry and unique imagery—looks like something out of a museum of modern art. The site isn’t very large, as it is primarily a tool for creating dynamic presentations. However, the pages that do exist are easy to use. The content creation tools in particular are fun and don’t require much of a learning curve.

Review: Jux provides a tremendous showcase for digital projects. Whatever the lesson, users simply point the klieg lights at it. The interface is really quite intuitive.

The result is full-screen, distraction-free content that is a unique feast for the eyeballs. Jux’s Javascript-based editing app puts users inside the content and encourages a unique style and perspective with every post. Users can then view completed posts in a museum-quality gallery of their creations.

With these minimalistic tools, users need not mess around with themes and sidebars. All users get is the content, the way they want to present it.

Bottom Line: If you’re tired of the same old PowerPoint presentations, give Jux a go.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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