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 Site Review: Griffith Observatory


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Content:  The famed Griffith Observatory offers a collection of classroom games and activities designed to supplement the facility’s educational programs and upper elementary-grades science curriculum.

Design:  Upon leaving the Teacher Resources page, the site comes off a bit amateurish. On the homepage, single links appear in graphical navigation boxes that run down both sides of the page. This makes the links appear to be ads, when they are in fact paths to additional observatory content.

Griffith Observatory Review: There is not a ton of classroom content here that would be useful outside of a trip to the facility. That said, the available material is certainly worthy of classroom use. Games and lessons go beyond what one might expect from an observatory.

In addition to activities based on stellar observation, interactive games explore Earth’s water cycle and how this precious resource can go from ancient ice at the polar caps, to ground water absorbed by trees, to food consumed by animals.

Bottom Line:  While the classroom material list is pretty thin, it’s nonetheless worth checking out.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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