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 Site Review: The Egyptian Pyramids



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Content:  This is’s subject center for the topic of the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza. The site provides written, video, photographic and interactive content regarding these incredible structures.

cyber school busDesign:  The site successfully merges a simple design with dynamic features. A sleek media bar runs across the top of the page and provides paths to videos, photo galleries and interactive sections of the site. Beneath the bar appears the encyclopedic written content.

Several small menu blocks placed in strategic areas provide links to additional information on the subject matter. Everything is easy to follow and easily adapted to classroom use.

Review:  Anyone even remotely interested in history, especially history teachers, know that is the place to go for quality information packaged in an easily digestible and entertaining way. That holds true for their subject-specific sites.

The site’s media player is better than most and provides quick features on the construction of the pyramids. No clip is longer than five minutes, making them perfect supplements to classroom discussion. Likewise, the photo galleries can easily be projected so students better connect to the topic of class discussion.

This isn’t a deep look into the pyramids; users won’t find much on the social implications of having such a large workforce construct such a massive building here. But it is a solid overview of the topic that is suitable for students who are just being introduced to the pyramids in an academic setting.

Bottom Line: This should be the starting point for any introductory lesson on Egypt’s pyramids.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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