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 Site Review: Get On With the Game


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Content:  Get On With the Game is the Football Association Premier League (British soccer association) site aimed at elementary school teachers. The site boasts games for students, as well as classroom resources for educators.

Premier LeaugeDesign:  Get On With the Game knows its audience and goes out of its way to cater to it. All of the imagery is light and cartoony, an advantage when trying to capture the attention of younger students.
The homepage takes a minute to grasp, as there are no clearly visible links or navigation tools. Instead, a single chaotic image of kids attending a soccer match fills the entire screen. When users hover over different areas in the scene, however, menus begin to appear.

Review: The site uses lessons learned from the game to address children's behavioral issues. The goal is to educate and engage students on a range of social and emotional issues relevant to soccer as well as everyday life.

Developed by the Premier League, in conjunction with the Citizenship Foundation, the site addresses Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) (called Social and Emotional Learning [SEL] on this side of the pond) topics such as the importance of rules, working as a team, dealing with bullying, expressing opinions, understanding emotion and recognizing personal strengths and weaknesses.

While Get On With the Game is certainly soccer-centric, its teachers’ guide explains that all of the lessons can easily be adapted to fit the context of any sport or activity.

Bottom Line:  Get On With the Game does a wonderful job of using a popular game to teach life lessons.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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