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 Site Review: FreeRice


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Content: FreeRice is a product of the United Nations World Food Program and aims to raise awareness about hunger. By asking visitors simple trivia questions in English vocabulary and grammar, math, geography subjects, human anatomy and more, the site has raised enough funds to provide meals to over 10 million people.

Free RiceDesign: The site is nothing spectacular in terms of design, but given that it is first and foremost a charitable site, this shortcoming is certainly forgivable.

FreeRice uses a nice layout with a standard vertical design. All the links work as they should, and because embed codes conveniently appear in open boxes on the page, there is no need to hunt for hidden buttons.

Review: Students will enjoy testing their knowledge and knowing that they have contributed to a worthy cause. The site provides little in terms of teacher-specific content, but lesson plans from the World Food Program do offer the added benefit of the charitable project behind them. Additionally, users can explore teacher-submitted lesson plans and submit their own.

Bottom Line: It isn’t the biggest site for teacher resources, but its impact reaches far beyond the classroom.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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