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 Site Review: Dropbox


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Content:  Dropbox is a free service that lets users bring photos, documents, videos and any other electronic files anywhere and then share them easily.

dropboxDesign: There isn’t a whole lot going on with Dropbox’s design, and that’s a good thing. There is a definite Apple feel to the design with lots of white and single, dominant logos.

In terms of functionality, everything is very simple and easy to follow. The sign-in fields are logically placed and the main controls for downloading and uploading files appear front and center.

Review:  Dropbox offers a great benefit to teachers. The site allows users to upload any content they like, whether it be documents, images or videos. Those files are then instantly available to the user via any other device with Internet connectivity.

Teachers who are working on a lesson plan on a desktop at school no longer have to save the file to a flash drive and remember to bring the flash drive home to continue their work. They can simply upload the lesson plan to Dropbox, then download it from their home laptop. They can even save and retrieve files from their mobile devices.

Dropbox supports both PC and Mac as well as Android and iOS devices, so users are only as far from all their files as the nearest online device. Users can also share files by granting peers access to their Dropbox account.

Bottom Line:  Because teachers work on so many different devices in different locations and on different platforms, a site that allows consistent access is a godsend.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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