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 Site Review: Discovery Education


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Content:  Discovery Education provides a wealth of classroom resources backed by the considerable punch of the Discovery brand.

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Design:   “Bright” and “engaging” best describe this site. The colors are light and the images pop, giving the site a welcoming feel.

Discovery Education eschews the traditional design of a featured scroller in favor of a dominating static image in the center of the homepage. The scroller is located just beneath it and is considerably smaller.

The main navigation bar is extremely handy, providing links to the most popular areas related to the category over which a user hovers. For example, hovering over the Teachers link, a dropdown appears and provides paths to grade-specific content, lesson plans and advanced degree programs.

Review: One would expect quality content from a brand like Discovery, and that’s exactly what the site provides. Everything from the classroom guides to the professional development resources offer professional, first-rate material.

In addition, Discovery has a team of educational curriculum experts on hand to ensure that all of the materials are classroom-ready.

Bottom Line: From top to bottom, Discovery Education is one of the truly great sites for teachers.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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