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 Site Review: Dinosaur Train


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Content: This is the teachers’ page affiliated with the PBS Kids show “Dinosaur Train.” Here, teachers can find background on the show and its characters as well as classroom materials such as lesson plans and show clips.

Design: Unlike the “Dinosaur Train” Web site created for student use, this site is very businesslike. There are no fun animations, nor does the site reflect the show’s theme. Rather, it looks just like any of the other PBS teachers’ sites, eschewing whimsy in favor of logic.Dinosaur Train

The site makes everything easy to find, and the minimalistic design allows teachers to get in and out as efficiently as possible.

Review: The show is great, and the associated teachers’ site is equally engaging. First-rate lesson plans use the exciting world of dinosaurs to help students explore the natural world. By applying scientific principles to a diverse range of modern animals, students can develop a broader understanding of, and connection to, nature.

Designed for younger students, many lessons include extensions to adapt activities for older students. These lessons can be used in conjunction with the “Dinosaur Train” episodes, or implemented independently to support an existing curriculum.

Bottom Line:  The fun of dinosaurs, combined with the animation wizards at the Jim Henson Company, mean teachers and students alike will love the materials found here.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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