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Site Review: Curriculum 21-Clearinghouse

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Content: This huge resource review area on the Curriculum 21 site provides ideas and tools to support curriculum mapping. The Curriculum 21 model embodied by the site helps colleagues transform and update curriculum to meet the needs of 21st-century learners. The model, site and associated training and consultation services originate from the work of Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs.

Design: The Clearinghouse, while minimalist in terms of design, displays just enough useful information about each resource. Listings include only a few elements, but those elements summarize the resource, list subjects covered, and indicate how well users have received the item. It does all of this in a visually pleasing package. All of the links open into a new tab, making navigation easy.

curriculum 21Review: Visitors will find listings for at least 500 resources including Word and PDF documents, PowerPoint slides, Web sites and Web 2.0 tools. Some items, such as Common Core unit-planning templates (including standards, big ideas, essential questions, skills, assessments, etc.), are very concrete mapping aids. Other items represent ideas for integrating technology into existing lessons.

Each listing is tagged with a series of categorical descriptors that when clicked, bring up a list of related resources.

Bottom Line: Whether they want to map to the Common Core or simply enhance instruction through technology, educators are guaranteed to find quality, expert-endorsed resources for 21st-century teaching.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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