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Site Review: Computer Science Student Network

Site URL: CS2N.Org

Content: The Computer Science Student Network (CS2N) is a collaborative research project between Carnegie Mellon University and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The site’s goal is increasing the number of students pursuing advanced Computer Science and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (CS-STEM) degrees. The site offers engaging activities designed to get kids excited about the fields of robotics, Web design, game development and animation.

CS2nDesign:  Coming from such prestigious institutions, it is no surprise that the site presents stunning graphics and imagery. Given that CS2N’s purpose is sparking interest in CS-STEM skills, it is reassuring to see that those skills were well applied to the site’s design.

Review:  CS2N offers a combination of activities, lessons, competitions and supplemental materials so that teachers and students get hands-on experience with 21st-century skills. Each resource is categorized for easy consumption. For example, if looking for a lesson on robotics, users can find one under Learn Courses, ROBOTC Courses.

This site doesn’t limit itself in terms of activities or lessons. This is a comprehensive introduction to the computer-based sciences.

Bottom Line:  For an all-encompassing, completely interactive introduction to 21st-century computer science, check out CS2N.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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