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Site Review: Cool Science

Site URL: HHMI.Org/CoolScience

Content:  Created by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, this site offers both online and offline science activities for children of all ages.

Design:  HHMI has put a lot of work into the design of its Cool Science site, and that work has paid off. The images are crisp, and the graphical elements are appealing. The site’s engaging appearance gets users excited about viewing the next page.

Cool scienceEverything here works as advertised, from the primary navigation to the internal links. The site is smooth and effortless to navigate.

Review:  This database contains a wide range of resources, including everything from lesson plans and detailed curricula to tutorials, animations and laboratory exercises for all academic levels. Users can search these resources by topic, type or target audience. HHMI requests only that teachers using the resources credit the individual or institution that developed them.

These are high-quality resources from the likes of prestigious institutions such as Yale, Clemson and Harvard. They run the gamut from elementary worksheets to complex lessons for high-school seniors.

In addition, a news area helps update teachers regarding goings-on at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Among the news items teachers can expect to find are stories about the innovative work of biomedical researchers and science educators worldwide.

Bottom Line:  For the latest news and classroom materials produced by stalwarts of American academia, make sure you bookmark HHMI’s Cool Science.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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