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Site Review: Cool Math 4 Teachers

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Content: A gateway to a family of math sites, Cool Math 4 Teachers also provides a handful of tips and best practices.

Design: There is no way around it—this site is tough to look at. An ominous black background, offset by a kaleidoscope of colored fonts and boxes, actually hurts the eyes.

The layout is, however, fairly standard and easy to follow. Likewise, the link structure is sound and everything works well.

cool mathReview: Aesthetics notwithstanding, this is a great resource for both elementary teachers and math educators. The main page offers a nice bundle of professional development articles. Users can learn about WebQuests, educational theory and motivation techniques, among other topics. This page also serves as the portal to the Cool Math series of student and parent-centric sites, including Cool Math Games and others.

These sites provide a wealth of math-related games and learning tools. The games take some of the tedium out of lessons. It can be tough to grind through a lesson on long division, but Cool Math’s game breaks up the pencil-and-paper practice and injects a bit of fun.

Bottom Line: Once users get past its disastrous color and font palate, Cool Math 4 Teachers is a great resource for changing up traditional math lessons.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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