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 Site Review: CNN Tech


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Content:  This is the source for everything that CNN covers with respect to technology. News and opinions can be found here, along with practical tips for parents and teachers.

DesignThis is a pretty straightforward blog-style site. A single page runs vertically with the most recent articles placed at the top. An ample selection of images keeps the design interesting and fresh. Because of the blog-style format, there is no need for navigation, sections or any of the typical Web site controls. Users simply log on each day to see what’s new.

CNN TechReview: CNN Tech is a tremendous site for tech teachers, but also a very useful one for educators in general. Often teachers who are not very tech-savvy feel intimidated by tech news sites. CNN cuts through the jargon and presents stories for easy consumption. The content itself is very good. In addition to covering goings-on in the industry, articles consider what kids should be taught about technology, and when. There is enough practical content to make worth a daily visit. A nice feature of the site is its social media integration. Every piece of content is optimized for commenting and sharing on a number of social media outlets. If you see something you think other teachers might enjoy, you can share it via a single click .

Bottom Line:  Whether you’re the one who can’t throw out that old typewriter or theone who’s already waiting in line for the new iPhone, is worth a look.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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