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Site Review: Classmint

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Content:  Classmint allows anyone to create interactive, audible, annotatable and beautiful study notes.

Design:  This is a browser-based app that looks and functions like a native app. The controls are tight and the method for inserting images and other media is simple enough. The overall look of the site is minimalistic and features a lot of white, but that serves the content well by placing emphasis on the notes.

classmintReview:  Based upon the popular Cornell Notes format, Classmint provides teachers and students with a new way to take study notes. Rather than scribbling away in disorganized notebooks, students can use Classmint to create cleanly typed notes in clearly marked folders. In addition to typical, text-based notes, Classmint offers the ability to add complex math, computer code and images to help create notes that students will want to review. Students can add a subject or class to their notes, and Classmint will create folders by subject automatically.

The interface is very intuitive—controls are clearly labeled with universal symbols. The service works well in just about any browser, and provides the ability to export files to one of six formats, including Word and PDF.

Bottom Line:  If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional note-taking, Classmint is worth a look.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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