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 Site Review: Check Yourself


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Content: Check Yourself is a place for older teens to think in a focused way about their relationship with drugs and alcohol. The site invites them to consider the impact and consequences of substance use.

Check YourselfDesign: This site is two things: professional and clean. These are two things you want in a drug awareness resource. You’re not going to find a lot of bright, cheery imagery—if you did, it would detract from the message. Instead, Check Yourself offers a sense of credibility and the impression that the information isn’t being sugar-coated.

Review: The site allows visitors to “look in the mirror” by answering quiz questions about their lifestyle. (The quiz feature may be best used in conjunction with a homework assignment, as students may be less honest if they’re answering the questions in school.) Teens can also read first-person stories, communicate with other teens, and play decision games to see how they might act in situations involving drugs and alcohol. In addition, gives teens a voice by allowing them to share their own “moments of truth.”

Most importantly, visitors will be able to get factual answers to questions about substance abuse, learn how to talk about their concerns with people who can help them, and get information about counseling and treatment facilities. also offers stickers that can be downloaded and printed onto standard-size sheets of labels, along with traditional banners for teens to use on blogs and other personal sites.

Bottom Line: With so many drug awareness and prevention sites on the Internet, Check Yourself sets itself apart as one that will really speak to students.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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