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Site Review: Center on Education Policy

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Content: The Center on Education Policy is a national, independent advocate for public education and more effective public schools.

Design: Blue and gray hues abound, and stock art images break up the text. While the look doesn’t really inspire, a certain level of “corporate bland” is expected from a policy site. In terms of functionality, the site runs well. Links are accurate, downloads are smooth and the user experience is great.

Ed PolicyReview: Geared to both classroom teachers and administrators, CEP offers opinion and insight into hot-button education topics at the national level. If there is debate about a subject, odds are educators will find related information and opinions at CEP. From the Common Core State Standards to high school exit exams to state testing and student achievement, it can all be found here.

The site’s ample opinion content represents multiple points of view. Accordingly, the group views itself as a unique communicator with educators and the general public on education issues, in order to improve the academic quality of public education and foster a reasoned debate on schools.

Bottom Line:  Few sites offer educated opinion and thought-provoking debate as thoroughly as does CEP.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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