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Site Review: BBC Parents



Site URL: BBC.Co.UK/Schools/Parents

Content:  This is the parents’ home on the BBC educational Web site. The site offers helpful tips for progressing through elementary, middle and high schools as well as ways parents and teachers can work together to help students succeed.

Design:  A straightforward design, without crazy animations or wacky fonts, presents the information in a way that is neither distracting nor boring.

A mini navigation bar on the left and side of the page offers paths to grade-specific content. The rest of the homepage serves as a kind of default navigation, with content boxes containing links to stories cyber school busand entire areas of content. All of it is very easy to follow.

Review:  While this site offers very little in terms of in-class materials, it does give educators many ideas for connecting with parents. Examples would be the BBC’s feature on PTA organizations or the panel discussion on educational activities for children. While gaining insight into parent perspectives, U.S. teachers also can see how their peers in other countries deal with classroom issues.

Bottom Line:  Although not a direct classroom resource, the BBC offers U.S. teachers ideas for connecting with parents as well as a fresh look at how others deal with the job’s hurdles.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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