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Site Review: BBC Nature

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Content:  The latest news and discoveries in the natural world are reported here.

Design: For a site of this size, BBC Nature is surprisingly easy to navigate. The primary navigation bar across the top of the page offers broad topics to begin your search. A large content box in the middle of the page offers the day’s most recent content, with smaller areas offering additional recent articles.

Dynamic images serve to keep the reader engaged, and attractive gray fonts make the content easy on the eyes.

bbc natureReview:  In terms of scope, BBC Nature is enormous. Sections cover prehistoric life, oceanic life, insects, human influence on nature, and more. There isn’t any part of the Earth’s natural history left untouched.

This site also offers far more than a large-scale history lesson. Current news and scientific breakthroughs appear front-and-center on the homepage. Visitors can read about everything from legislation regarding pesticides to discoveries about animal-kingdom cannibalism.

Because there is so much content here, BBC Nature is a science teacher’s dream. Educators can enhance lessons, start discussions and hatch ideas simply by checking out what’s new.

Bottom Line:  Whether you are a science teacher researching a new lesson, or just curious about the world around you, consider making the BBC Nature site a daily read.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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