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Site Review: APS4Math

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Content:  APS4Math is an adaptive Web-based tutorial (Web 2.0 tool) that supports grade 2-8 students’ mathematics problem-solving skills.

Design:  This is a no-frills site. It’s pretty stark to look at, and the text’s mechanical style can make it tricky to understand. Despite this limitation, the math is sound, and the tutorial works as advertised.

APS4MathReview:  The tutorial housed at APS4Math provides continuous integration of assessment and teaching components. While students solve problems, the adaptive tutorial monitors their knowledge and skills. Based on kids’ performance, the content presentation, assessment items, feedback and scaffolds adapt to their knowledge and skill levels. The result is that students who need more assistance in problem-solving skills get extra help and guidance.

The tutorial’s embedded assessment gives students continuous feedback on their knowledge and skills. This means that teachers can use APS4Math in a number of ways, from direct classroom instruction and homework assignments to remedial help for students in danger of falling behind.

Bottom Line:  If you can look past the site’s dull background clunky text, as a practical tool for practicing math, APS4Math delivers the goods.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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