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Site Review: American Civil War

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Content:  A catchall of everything related to the American Civil War, the site is home to a ton of content including battle maps, political histories and individual biographies.

Design:  This site is visually challenged. The entire layout, from navigation links to content headlines to images, is a mish-mash of varying fonts set against a plain, white background. Adding to the confusion are ads that are not discernible as such.

Civil warReview:  Once visitors are able to successfully navigate to the site’s real content, they’ll encounter a tremendous resource. One would expect to find Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and information on the Battle of Bull Run here. The site, however, goes way beyond the typical—for example, including biographical highlights on Frederick Douglass, Dred Scott and General John B. Hood.

In addition to the historical information offered at, the site presents a reading list of fiction and non-fiction books that take place during the war. This material can paint students a picture of what it was like to experience these events.

Bottom Line:  If users can get past design flaws and confusing navigation, is a valuable resource for any lesson dealing with this historical event.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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