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 Site Review: America Scores


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Content:  AmericaScores partners with urban schools to provide a high-quality, team-based program integrating soccer, language arts and service learning. The group’s innovative approach aims to improve students’ health, academic achievement and civic engagement.

America ScoresDesign:  Bright and professional, the AmericaScores site evokes a reputable news source and an organization worthy of investment.

The main scroller boasts of the most recent group success stories, while the surrounding content blocks give background on the organization and describe how people can help. The primary navigation across the top of page is detailed without being cumbersome.

Review:  AmericaScores’ three-pronged program represents an ambitious attempt to help in every aspect of students’ lives. Urban schools often lack organized sports and high-quality after-school activities, and students in these schools may need exercise to improve fitness. Soccer therefore offers the perfect sports component. Aside from experiencing the physical benefits, students who play soccer learn lessons in sportsmanship, discipline, problem solving and teamwork.

In terms of the language arts component, working on poetry and other written products develops students’ creative writing and speaking skills. These activities also provide an outlet for students to voice personal issues and develop emotionally.

Lastly, the program provides guided, meaningful opportunities for students to serve their communities. These experiences help motivate students to believe in themselves and invest in their education.

Currently, AmericaScores operates in 13 states. Its site shares these groups’ activities and successes and explains how users can start an AmericaScores group in their area.

Bottom Line:  Offering an in-depth look at a comprehensive program serving urban youth, AmericaScores definitely delivers.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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