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Site Review: Abraham Lincoln Research Site

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Content:  This is a student-oriented educational Web site about Abraham Lincoln’s life. The site’s webmaster, a retired American history teacher, answers questions by e-mail.

Design:  This site isn’t pretty; much of it is simply dark text atop a stark, white background. In some ways, however, the site’s design mirrors its subject: Behind a somewhat harsh appearance lies an immense resource. There are hundreds of links here, and they all work properly.

Abraham LincolnReview:  The Abraham Lincoln Research Site is intended for use by students, teachers, schools and anyone with an interest in introductory information on the famous president. The information presented here represents the entirety of Lincoln’s life, from his humble beginnings as a youth in Illinois, to his legal career, to his presidency and assassination.

This site is not an in-depth examination of Lincoln that delves into the minutiae of the man’s life. Instead, users will find tons of straightforward information regarding the famous president. The site links to material on other sites, so there isn’t a whole lot here that’s surprising. Nevertheless, the site conveniently consolidates all of the resources onto a single URL.

For teachers, the resources area is a treasure trove of lesson plans and printables covering every aspect of Lincoln’s life. Because the materials skew a bit younger, middle-school and high-school teachers may want to stick to the more straightforward biographical content. In any case, there is plenty here to satisfy any teacher planning to discuss Lincoln in class.

Bottom Line:  This is the perfect site for the K-12 teacher who’s gearing up for a lesson on Abraham Lincoln.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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