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Content: 4-H is the nation’s largest youth development organization, and its online presence offers students and teachers a wealth of information and resources covering everything from science, engineering and technology to healthy living and citizenship.

4hDesign: Coming from a venerable organization like 4-H, the site is predictably clean-looking. Despite the huge amount of content here, users never feel overwhelmed or bombarded. All the content flows nicely, and a well-produced main navigation bar makes it easy to jump from one area of the site to another.

Review: The National 4-H Curriculum focuses on the organization’s three primary mission mandates of science, engineering and technology; healthy living; and citizenship. From aerospace to forestry to workforce readiness, 4-H’s impressive curriculum and activity resource guides offer engaging experiences that help students attain skills needed for everyday living.

4-H also provides a National Directory of Materials, which is a searchable database of educational materials currently available throughout the Cooperative Extension System. Here, users will find 4-H individual and group project materials, volunteer and professional development materials, and many other resources. Running searches by topic area or keyword will produce the best results. 4-H continues to add new and useful resources, so this area merits a return visit.

Also worth exploring is the professional development area, where teachers can access a variety of tools including webinars, training guides, research and best practices.

Bottom Line: For educational resources and a healthy dose of positive life lessons, 4-H is an educator’s one-stop shop.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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