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Content:  This is the online home for the Qubo block of children’s programming that airs Saturday mornings on NBC.

Design:  The colors are bright and the navigation is easy. Images play a large role in directing users to desired content areas, which is great for younger students. All of the controls for the various activities and games are simple and rely primarily on the arrow keys.

Qubo goeQubos out of its way to avoid advertising that features unhealthy food and beverage choices, and has adopted stringent advertising guidelines aimed at improving children's health and reducing the rate of childhood obesity.

Review:  Shows that run during the Qubo block are produced by leaders in children's programming. Qubo believes that entertainment can motivate kids to become good friends, family members and teammates, and those messages are conveyed on the site. The content teaches right from wrong, the importance of non-judgment, how to form lasting friendships, and how to be respectful and kind.

Most of Qubo's shows are associated with popular children's books, using brands such as Jane & the Dragon, Babar and Willa’s Wildlife to engage kids. The site is slightly promotional in this regard, as the use of the characters likely encourages young people to watch particular shows.

The content is light-hearted, and while not exactly lesson-worthy, it certainly can provide wholesome fun in lower-grades classrooms. The online activities and videos also promote positive educational messages.

Bottom Line:  You won’t want to build a lesson based on this site, but when it’s time to relax or reward, Qubo is a good place to start.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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