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Site Review: Learning Ally

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Content:  Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization aimed at helping dyslexic students with reading, reading comprehension and other challenging areas of learning. This site offers the world’s largest library of audio textbooks. In addition, it offers resources for both educators and parents, including webinars and several personal support tools and services for those involved with the dyslexic community.

Design:  The site’s design is simple, with sections that are easy to identify and a clear focus on getting students, parents and educators the help and resources they need.

learning allyReview:  The “For Educators” area includes six sections, with the main focus on products and services with a cost attached. The site does offer some limited free resources, such as help for educators implementing Common Core Standards. Other free resources include PDFs for listening and teaching tips, as well as a dyslexia screener for teachers to use with students.

Bottom Line:  At its core, Learning Ally is looking for site visitors to become paid members. Fortunately, memberships—ranging from the individual to the district level—are affordable. Members get unlimited access to 80,000 audiobooks (which range from popular reads to massive textbooks), webinars and other professional development packages, and dyslexia-specific software, such as Readhear and the Learning Ally app.

Despite the cost attached, Learning Ally gets high marks for offering its innovative products and strategies to dyslexic learners, as well as educators and families.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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