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Site Review: Writing Fix

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Content:  Created as a resource Web site for Northern Nevada teachers, Writing Fix offers high-quality writing lessons that aim to increase student motivation within writing classes.

Design:  Writing Fix’s look is simple and a bit outdated, but it gets the job done and isn’t too hard on the eyes. The main page provides a brief introduction to Writing Fix and its mission. Below that, sections highlight site consultants’ contributions, which range from resources and publications to teacher-workshop materials. Despite some dead links here and there, the site’s left menu bar is easy to navigate and houses a well-organized collection of valuable writing exercises, projects, lessons and more.

writing fixReview:  This site has something for every grade level. Users will find a wide range of help with writing across the curriculum, but not all content is free—many lessons feature elements that need to be purchased. Thankfully, those elements typically link to Amazon, where the items are found at a relatively low cost. Site visitors may even find free substitutions (e.g., music videos on YouTube) for items such as songs and other downloads. In addition, creative teachers will be able to put their own unique spin on these lessons.

The site offers some new posts to stay current, but doesn’t seem to be offering anything new other than external resources with a price or membership attached. Still, teachers can take advantage of a total of 10 years of work by educators who used the lessons successfully in their classrooms. A nice feature of most lessons is that they include a multitude of student samples submitted by teachers worldwide.

Bottom Line:  Offering a variety of lessons that cover everything from poetry to research to fundamentals, Writing Fix succeeds in making writing fun.


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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