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 Site Review: That’s Not Cool


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Content: ThatsNotCool is a site where teens and tweens can learn about safely navigating their digital lives.

That's Not coolDesign: The site is designed to capture the attention of young people. Ample use of graffiti-style lettering and imagery accompanies copy that seems penned by a self-assured 15-year-old.

Review: ThatsNotCool has a noble purpose and tries hard to make kids aware of digital dangers like sexting and online bullying. The site’s content is incredibly valuable to tweens and teens who embrace the digital lifestyle.

With that said, some areas of the site come up a bit short. The Space Invaders-esque game “Text Invaders” does little to teach students about the pitfalls of sending inappropriate text messages. Likewise, some of the site’s copy tries too hard to be hip (e.g., by using the word “boo” for boy/girlfriend).

Even so, teachers may find that acknowledging the well-intentioned (but poorly executed) “cool speak” helps kids get to the heart of the message.

Bottom Line: There are no lesson-planning resources here, but with digital literacy becoming increasingly important to students’ social-emotional well-being, ThatsNotCool is certainly still worth a look.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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