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Site Review: Teach With Movies

teach with movies

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Content: For classes in English, social studies, health, science and the arts, this site provides lesson plans and learning guides based on feature films and movies (both full length and clips).

Design: TeachWithMovies' layout, color schemes, and imagery are very basic. Nonetheless, the site is clean and logically laid out, and all navigation and links work properly.

Review: Since the advent of the movie reel, educators have used films to reward students or expand lessons. TeaTeach with movieschWithMovies now gives educators access to good-quality lesson plans designed specifically for films.

The site’s nearly 400 classroom-ready resources are tailored to fit everything from English to science classes and include full lesson plans as well as more informal lesson guides. The content is very well done, meaning teachers can simply grab a lesson plan and head to class.

Bottom Line: For educators who’ve found it challenging to base a lesson on a particular film, TeachWithMovies can probably help.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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