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 Site Review: Politico


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Content:  This site offers news and commentary on everything political in the United States, concentrating on federal-level activity in Washington, D.C.

Design:  Politico subscribes to the standard philosophy of major content sites—the most-promoted content appears in the largest areas near the top, and lesser stories fall below. There is ample use of photography, and while the subject matter doesn’t necessarily lend itself to dynamic images, the shots on Politico are eye-catching.

The site is immense but easy to use, thanks to well-designed navigation tools.

PoliticoReview:  Dozens of major news sites offer great political content, yet nobody matches the level of Politico’s coverage. The organization boasts an impressive army of reporters and commentators. Known names like Joe Scarborough, Rich Lowry and Jennifer Granholm provide insight and opinion.

While the site is perceived as having “right-wing” leanings, its content and opinion pieces run the gamut of the political spectrum.

The real gem for educators here is the depth of the reporting. Politico goes deep into the democratic process and reports the goings-on, sometimes focusing on the minutiae of legislating.

Bottom Line:  For the high school teacher who wants to go beyond the simple “three branches of government” lesson, Politico is the place to go.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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