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Site Review: The Opening

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Content:  The Opening is one of the most prestigious athletic recruiting events in the nation, and its Web site offers student-athletes and coaches all the information they need to be offered an invitation.

Design:  The site is very simple, which represents a departure from Nike’s typical online layout. User will encounter a handful of images and a smattering of content blocks. The site would, however, be much easier to navigate if it consolidated real estate and placed all pertinent content flat on the page.

Nike The OpeningReview:  While this site only serves high school coaches, users in that group will find the site invaluable—it provides the blueprint for getting an invite to a very high-profile scouting event.

Given the sheer number of high school athletes in the U.S., it’s a mathematical long-shot that one of yours will be granted an invitation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though. The Opening’s site puts the process within reach, not only by providing an overview of the annual event, but also by offering a path for registration.

The registration process is only one aspect of the event and the site. Knowing what the event is all about and the types of activities the coordinators will be organizing will allow coaches to prepare their athletes, if they are selected.

Bottom Line:  Fortunate coaches who have an athlete with the ability to play at the next level will want to check out Nike’s The Opening.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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