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 Site Review: NASA Kids’ Club


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Content: This the dedicated kids’ area of NASA’s immense Web site. Here, students will find games and activities grounded in science and language arts.

nasa kids clubDesign: The entire site is Flash-based, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise, given its focus. Users encounter a page-sized control panel that serves as the primary navigation. From here, students can select the level of difficulty for their games, as well as the games themselves.

Although geared toward children, the site is reasonably responsive. The games load quickly enough and play fluidly.

Review: NASA Kids’ Club is designed for early elementary-aged students, so there isn’t a lot of “next-level” content here. Instead, students get a good dose of the basics. For example, the space shuttle-themed Grab It game lets kids use the Discovery to grab out of orbit items whose names start with the same letter. Likewise, the It’s Not the Same game prompts users to spot subtle differences between similar pictures.

The games get progressively harder, but none is worthy of late-elementary or middle-school students. Rather, Kids’ Club helps teachers introduce younger students to the basics of computer and Internet use.

Bottom Line: With NASA Kids’ Club, young students will benefit from a solid selection of classroom-appropriate games.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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