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 Site Review: Learn It Live


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Content: LearnItLive claims its online learning environment is “as good as being there.” The site hosts videos and live streams, putting learners “face-to-face” with experts.

The majority of the topics center on health and wellness. Educators will be the primary beneficiaries of this lifestyle content, but they may also find uses for the material in the classroom.

Design:The site features a light, minimalist design. Videos and live streams run about as cleanly as one would expect, with no noticeable hiccups or outages. The design, navigation and media all work seamlessly without distracting from the content.

Learn it liveReview:  The instructors, although not celebrities, are experts. Courses are professional and run the gamut from seminars to workshops to conferences. Learners can find not only the best source for a given topic, but also the style of course that best fits them. This is great for educators looking to expand their knowledge of anything from academic subjects to practical tech topics.

Via LearnItLive, instructors can find new students, while organizations can attract new members and generate new revenue. Some courses are free and others charge a fee. Either way, LearnItLive handles all the logistics, making the process easier for everyone.

Bottom Line: Whether you’re an expert with knowledge to share or an educator looking to learn, LearnItLive is the place to go first.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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