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 Site Review: CyberSchoolBus


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Content:  Brought to you by the United Nations, this site offers games, quizzes, news and lesson plans about a variety of topics that fall within the U.N.’s wheelhouse.

cyber school busDesign:  Although the graphics appear 16-bit and the overall theme has a late ‘80s-era Nintendo feel, everything is clean and logically laid out.

All of the links are useful, and content clusters are reasonably placed on the homepage, simplifying the process of locating desired resources.

Review:  CyberSchoolBus’s content is top of the line, and coming from the U.N., you’d expect nothing less. Lesson plans help educators with topics such as indigenous peoples, cities of the world, human rights and discrimination. The lessons come complete with a list of required materials and all of the subject-specific information.

The games area is a nice way to get students to think about the world while having fun. Online games like Flag Tag and Food Force promote the ideas of multiculturalism and the importance of helping others.

Bottom Line:  There isn’t so much content here that users will be coming back again and again, but the quality material is definitely worth at least one visit.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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