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Site Review: Codecademy

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Content:  Codecademy is a self-described “team of hackers working hard to build a better way for anyone to teach, and learn, how to code.”

Design:  The site’s design is pretty sterile and features little imagery. Given the subject matter, this is neither a surprise nor a detriment. On a site dedicated to teaching computer code, one would expect a ton of text-on-white pages.

Codecademy does a lot within its design limitations, however. For example, handy little graphics such as progress bars provide a splash of color.

codecademyReview:  In a world where technical acumen is prized but teacher expertise is sometimes lagging, Codecademy is a lifesaver. The site offers practical how-tos for writing computer code in a number of languages including HTML/CSS, JavaScript and others.

The lessons are easy to follow, thanks to the site’s ability to cut through technical jargon and focus on the practical. Novices will find programming techniques and terms explained so that it’s feasible to understand and apply them.

In addition to imparting a marketable skill, Codecademy allows students to track their learning online. The graphical representation of a given student’s progress shows gains made within a specific lesson as well as gains made within the associated larger concept.

A competitive environment offers an added dimension to learning. Students can track their peers’ achievements and work to match or outdo them.

The real gem for educators here is the depth of the reporting. Politico goes deep into the democratic process and reports the goings-on, sometimes focusing on the minutiae of legislating.

Bottom Line:  For teachers hoping to learn how to code, or integrate practical coding lessons into their curriculum, Codecademy definitely delivers.


Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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