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 Site Review: BoostNationOscars


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Content:  In an effort to combat high school dropout rates, BoostNation offers a forum for inspiring words and videos that encourage kids to stay in school.

Boost nationDesign:  BoostNation presents a very simple design. Users’ eyes are immediately drawn to the main video player and map of the United States, which appear front and center. Users can click on a state of their choice to see videos and read messages.

A video bar runs across the top of most pages, providing quick links to additional videos. At the bottom of most pages are several links that lead to pages with information on school dropout and how users can take additional action.

Review:  BoostNation’s goal is admirable, but a site like this is really only as good as its messages. Far too many of the messages offer bland advice such as “just get through it and get to college, because college is awesome.”

One celebrity message from LeBron James touts the importance of finishing high school, yet may serve only to trigger visitors’ memories of his failed attempt to drop out to enter the NBA Draft.

BoostNation offers more value in its resources center. Here, people who want to take action find a myriad of suggestions that are both reasonable and impactful. Likewise, the Find Help area can be extremely useful, both for those contemplating dropping out and those who want to help prevent dropout.

Bottom Line:  The real value of Boost Nation lies not in its inspirational videos, but in its practical resources for preventing high school dropout.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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