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More Favorite Podcasts: Ed News and Teacher Professional Development

Teachers often struggle finding time to get it all done, so listening to any show, let alone one offering professional development, can be challenging.

Fortunately, a number of podcasts focused on K-12 education are available for download 24 hours day. Teachers can listen to this quality programming in the car, before bed, or whenever they have a spare moment.

EducationWorld offers a helping hand with the following list of recommended education-based podcasts for busy teachers:

The Total Education Network

Total Education NetworkThis show, hosted by Neil Haley, touts itself as the only education-based talk show to broadcast seven days a week. The Total Education Network’s listenership is estimated at 50,000 per podcast and includes teachers, parents, school administrators, parents and education bloggers. The show is syndicated on 70 radio stations across the U.S.

Each week, the program follows a daily schedule. On Tuesdays during Total Education Q&A, education experts answer questions from parents. On Wednesdays, listeners get a review of all the education news from the following week. On Thursdays, Total Education Spotlight offers interviews with authors, celebrities, talk-show hosts and others.

The Teachers’ Podcast

The Teachers' PodcastNews, views, research and resources just for teachers are featured in every episode of The Teachers’ Podcast. The popular podcasting team consists of teachers, ed tech experts, authors and professors Mark Gura and Dr. Kathy King. Rather than churning out dry professional development, they produce an entertaining show.

The Teachers’ Podcast includes abundant resources and crisp insights into what teachers can use today. From software applications to conversations with notable and experienced educators and ed techies, this podcast is perfect for teachers.

Learning Matters

learning mattersInforming viewers and listeners about educational trends and issues of the day, The Learning Matters series aims to bolster the work this group does for PBS’ “Newshour.”John Merrow hosts this podcast, which discusses current events in education. The podcasts are short—generally five to 10 minutes each—and topics include Race to the Top, education in New Orleans, ways to evaluate teachers, ESL and more.

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Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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