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iPad App Review: Bridge Constructor

App Name:  Bridge Constructor

Cost:  $1.99

What does it promise?  Bridge Constructor lets players build increasingly challenging bridges over deep valleys, canals and rivers. Stress tests reveal whether the bridge kids build can withstand continual use from cars, trucks, and more recently, super-heavy tank trucks. Players can choose from among a range of bridge-building materials such as wood, steel, cables or concrete pillars. Each bridge also has a budget, and there are numerous ways to successfully complete each challenge.

Does it deliver?  The game is engaging while teaching real problem-solving. Though the game does not claim that its physics are accurate, students do learn the basic premise behind bridge-building, and they have the opportunity to use a variety of different techniques to span a number of openings.

Can I use it in my classroom?  Bridge Constructor would be a great tool in a high school or advanced middle-school class. The game is fun, but has sound educational principles behind it.

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Article by Daniel Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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