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iPad App Review: YAKiT Kids

App Name:  YAKiT Kids

Cost:  Free

What does it promise?  YAKiT Kids, by Freak’n Genius, Inc., allows students to put words to any photo or graphic. yakit kids appThe app encourages kids of all ages to use their creativity and share their work with family and friends in a safe environment. Parents and teachers never have to worry, as they can control where kids share their creations, and with whom.

YAKiT Kids lets users make quick and fun animated videos with multiple scenes. They can change the pitch of the voice to make it funnier, add expressive animated stickers to customize the photos (including facial features, props, characters and special effects) and save videos directly to their phone or tablet. 

Does it deliver?  The app is cool and easy to use. It may have limited functionality, but it does what it promises and does it really well.

Can I use it in my classroom?  YAKiT helps kids express themselves and offers a different way to teach writing and creative thinking.

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Article by Daniel B. Kline, EducationWorld Contributing Editor
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