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Using Instagram in the Classroom: Five Activities

instagram in the classroom

Instagram revolutionized photography with an engaging and simple social platform that allows photo editing and sharing. Use this free app in your classroom with both smartphones and tablets. You can even start an account just for your class!

Below are five ideas to try.

re-create famous artworks

1. Take a picture of students re-creating a famous piece of art. Arrange kids with or without costumes and set pieces, and have them add their own twist to the artwork. This works for just about any medium depicting people.


re-enact history

2. Explore a moment in history by imitating a vintage photo from the public domain. First, provide students with the photo's historical context. Then have them act out that photo, or a scene like it, and use filters to make the image appear older. Students will have their very own re-enactment of history to share! Instagram also allows for video, so feel free to act out a scene from history in the form of a short film.


student photojournalists

3. Ask students to act as photojournalists at a school function. Make sure kids are paying attention at the next school assembly or event by encouraging them to act as official photojournalists. For an extra challenge, have students write articles to accompany their images. These can include interviews and even video coverage.


science experiment

4. Make a scientific record of a classroom experiment or school science fair. Science experiments are a blast, and so are science fair projects! Make the process even more fun by sharing photos and videos on Instagram.


students explore identities

5. Let students explore their identities. Encourage kids to use creativity and share thoughts, opinions and social commentary via images. 


Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor
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