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How to Use Edmodo in the Classroom

edmodoEdmodo, also known as “Facebook for school,” is the premier social media and learning platform for teachers and students alike.

Founded in 2008, the site has since gained over 20 million users. The K-12 social media network continues to grow and is now available in six languages, including Spanish, German and Greek.

The platform’s app equivalent brings portability into the equation, which means educators, students and even parents can always access Edmodo when they need it.

How Teachers Can Use It

With Edmodo, teachers can truly bring the classroom online. With the ability to give assignments, quizzes and polls to students, Edmodo users can manage their classes and consolidate all of their activities in one place.

Users also have unlimited options in terms of sharing digital content. Teachers can embed instructional videos, create learning groups for students, and manage calendar events.

Communities allow teachers to browse subjects in order to find and share information within a broad stream of content and conversations related to that topic.

The platform offers numerous organizational features for teachers, even offering an option for users to print out rosters for substitutes. Badges are another fun feature, allowing educators to monitor the progress of student groups and issue awards for their achievements.

Enterprising educators can even use Edmodo to connect with other classrooms around the globe. Whether they’re studying a foreign language, history, economics or another subject, partnering with a class online can be both socially engaging and culturally rewarding for students.

How Administrators Can Use It

Edmodo is just as great for district administrators and principals. They can use the platform to coordinate and collaborate with leadership teams. They also can give feedback to—and receive it from—other educators.

Planning professional development seminars can be a breeze, especially with SchoolTube, Edmodo’s video service.

How Students Can Use It

Students also stand to benefit from the platform. They can access extra help from peers, instructors or SchoolTube. They’re also able to turn in work for teacher review and get instant feedback, including teacher annotations. Beyond being able to join groups for clubs, sports and other activities, students (especially younger ones) can learn how to interact safely and appropriately online.

And Don’t Forget Parents

On Edmodo, even the ‘rents get in on the action. Parents get the option to log in either as their children or themselves. They can review the child’s work, grades and more. They also can receive updates from their child’s teachers regarding missed assignments and school happenings. Most importantly, Edmodo helps educate parents about the digital literacy skills that all 21st-century students need.

Now, with even a photo editing software function included, Edmodo is truly a Web 2.0 “Swiss Army knife” for educators and other stakeholders in K-12 education.

Article by Jason Cunningham, EducationWorld Social Media Editor

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