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Screen-Capture Software in the Classroom

Screen-capture software produces a shareable image of a person’s computer screen. These snapshots may encompass the entire screen, or only a small portion. In either case, whatever is viewable within the frame of the virtual camera will appear in the digital image.

SnagIt, SlingShot, DreamShot and AppSnap are notable screen-capture apps available at a range of prices and in a variety of online stores such as GooglePlay and the App Store. For those using Mac computers, OSX comes with a free screen capture shortcut, accessed by hitting Command+Shift+4.

Below are four great ideas for taking advantage of this simple technology in the K-12 classroom.

Homework Helper

Rather than printing out classroom material and handing it to students when they return to school after an absence, take a screen capture of it from your computer. Email the image, or upload it to a class Web site so that students stay in the loop.

Instructions Made Easy

Use a screen-capture app to create step-by-step tutorials for a given computer task. Rather than writing out a lengthy how-to, take a series of screen captures as you execute the target tasks. Then use these images to create a printed or electronic instruction manual.

Worksheet Generator

EducationWorld provides many free worksheets. But if you’re making your own classroom printables, screen-capture tools allow you to incorporate public-domain images without the fear of downloading them from questionable sites.

Save Typing Time

Perhaps you’re putting together a summer reading list. Rather than typing out a list of titles, take a screen capture of the Amazon page for each book. In one time-saving step, provide students with the books’ titles, covers and synopses.

Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor
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