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Hawking's Brain to be 'Hacked'

HawkingA team of neuroscientists is working on a device they say has the ability to “hack” a person’s brain. They are so confident in their work that they will be testing the so-called iBrain on none other than the smartest man alive, Stephen Hawking.

Hawking, who suffers from Lou Gehrig’s disease, is agreeing to test the iBrain in a effort to improve his communicative abilities. His body continues to deteriorate from his affliction and he no longer is able to effectively use a clicker to operate his voice simulator. If effective, the iBrain will allow Hawking, and others with similar debilitating conditions, to operate computers and other machines using only their thoughts.

The iBrain, which is worn around the head and can measure brain activity, is only in its infancy, and it remains unclear if it will have any practical applications. Scientists are hopeful that, with further testing like that that Hawking is participating in, those applications will be realized.


Advocating for Children

As a constituency, children receive little attention in federal budget discussions. Today in Washington, and indeed leading up to the implementation of the Bipartisan Budget Control Act (BCA) (aka sequestration) next year, federal expenditures will be on the tip of everyones tongue.

According to the Kids Share 2012 report, just released by...

Seton Hall Giving Windows Away...Sort Of

Seton HallSeton Hall University is partnering with Microsoft to outfit all 2012 incoming freshmen with a bundle of Windows devices in an effort to better prepare them for the 21st Century workplace.

Included in the package of tech includes a Nokia Lumia mobile phone featuring Windows Phone 8 and Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook running Windows 8. Schools...

Timeless Teachings

Good teaching stands the test of time.

Like a classic novel, great piece of music, or beautiful painting, the principles of effective teaching don't really change. Maybe the names of these methods change, maybe new buzz words are used to describe them, but the essence of these concepts remain untouched.

I was reminded of this recently when I dusted off an old book written by a teacher, who became famous for creating a magazine project with his students in the 1980s...

Would You Ever Get Rid of Your Desk?


I know some are looking at the computer like it has alien doodads coming out of the top of it, but think about how much space a teacher desk takes up, and how often you use it. Of...

Please, Take a Number

Please,Take a number!
In order to help keep things organized when students wished for help during study hall or during a seat work activity, I took an idea from the deli at the local supermarket. I made a sign that said Please, Take a number and had several decorative number tags for students to pick up. When one student was done, I would call for the next number. This really helped!
What ideas do you use to keep things organized in your classroom? Please share.
Gail Hennessey...

What ideas do you use to get borrowed...

I always had lots of pens/pencils to loan the students that didnt seem to come prepared to class. So often, the loaned pens/pencils never seemed to return at the end of class and the supply would quickly dwindle. Eventually, I started the idea that if you wanted to borrow a pen/pencil from my desk, you had to give me a shoe....when they returned the borrowed item, the shoe was returned. It was something they always remembered to return to me.
What other ways do you use to get loaned...

Is School Funding Fair?

Not in most states, according to a national report card dedicated to answering that question.

Back in 2010, the first edition of a national report card on school funding and fairness was released. Considering fair school funding to be a state finance system that ensures equal educational opportunity by providing a sufficient level of funding...

Measuring Success

How do you know you're a good teacher? How do you know you are successful in the classroom? Test scores, the kids are behaved, parents are satisfied, a strong evaluation from the principal?

It's a good question, one that I think educators begin to ask themselves as they gain years of experience in the classroom. Without defining success, it's easy as a teacher to get discouraged, to work hard but not know whether you have arrived.

Recently, I was talking with...

Pretesting and Analyzing Student Growth

Pretesting students is the key to finding measurable gains in the classroom, whether it is in a public school setting or in an corporate employee training program. By finding out what material the students already know and do not know, you are able to tailor the program to fit the students' needs and alleviate...

Tick Tock

I think good teachers have mastered one important skill: time management.

Without the ability tomanage the hours ina day~ learning does not take place~ and educators do not accomplish their goals. To makematters worse~ teachers have incredible demands ontheir time.Loads ofpaperwork~ emergency drills~ new remedial programs~ specials classes~ assemblies~ morning announcements~ faculty meetings--the list goes on.

I have to admit~ sometimes it drives me a littlecrazy. I have...