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'Revisionaries' To Spark Debate

A new documentary is stoking the fires of educational debate as is makes its way through its release schedule. The Revisionaries is on par with Waiting for Superman in terms of controversy and has some questioning the way textbooks are written.
The Revisionaries follows the Texas State Board of Education as they review and rewrite the curriculum standards for the next decade. Every 10 years these new requirements are sent to textbook publishers who incorporate them into the texts. Because Texas is one of the two biggest purchasers of textbooks in the country, their version of science and history books are used in dozens of other states.
The documentary shines a light on Texas BOE Chairman Don McLeroy who fights to amend the textbooks so that they teach that humans and dinosaurs co-existed, along with other fantastical ideas. The notion that such a small group of people can hold such disproportionate influence is intriguing, but to see that they are using it to further religious ideologies in our public schools is causing people on both sides of the argument to gear up for an academic fight.
Take a look at the trailer and see which side of the debate you fall on.

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