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Samsung to Turn TVs on Their...Side?

With the Consumer Electronics Show quickly approaching, many tech firms are beginning to leak information about big product unveilings that will take place at the trade show. While most of the leaks are for typical products like tablets and notebooks, Samsung has industry watchers scratching their heads with the release of an image of a purported new television set. The curious thing about the set is that it eschews the traditional landscape design for a portrait one.

CNet is just as confused as anyone, reporting that "Samsung, which plans to show off the television at the Consumer Electronics Show next week, is sparking major speculation on what it has planned. Will the television buck current design ideas and show programming in portrait rather than landscape mode? Better yet, will the television indeed be transparent, or is Samsung's image simply showing how lifelike its picture can be?"

Needless to say, all eyes will be on Samsung next week and if this is in fact a new trend, classrooms across the country may begin to rethink their monitor placement options.