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Bernie Poole: Technlogy in the Classroom Archive

Risks Involved in Integrating the Internet Into the K-12 Curriculum
Lets consider eight risks involved in integrating the Internet into the K-12 curriculum -- and some solutions and resources to help you minimize those risks.

Ten Pillars of Successful Technology Implementation
Integrated education works best when it is well planned, well-integrated, closely monitored as to its effectiveness, and given a fair chance. "A fair chance" only can be guaranteed, however, if computer-based teaching and learning is constructed on ten pillars of success.

A Philosophy of Instructional Technology Use for Teaching and Learning.
A pre-requisite for seamless integration of technology in the preK-12 classroom is well-trained teachers who understand how to use technology to improve the quality and effectiveness of education.

Gradebook Programs: Which Program Achieves Its Goal?
When it comes to gradebook programs, "doing it right" means integrating individual student assessment across the curriculum, with national and state standards factored in. So, students' grades tell everyone how they're doing in all subjects compared with their peers across the state and across the nation.

Gradebook Programs: Why Use Them?
"The goal of good gradebook programs is simple: Data transformed into information enables students, teachers, administrators, and parents to better assess a students progress in school."

Kindness Counts
Let me liveor let me die. Those are the words of Ramachandra, teacher at Akshaya Kshetra, a school for children with disabilities in Renigunta, India. Ramachandra, at the age of two, contracted polio and has been unable to use his legs ever since.

March Madness
Put me behind a podium, flip the switch, and I can talk the hind leg off a donkey. Its fun, having a platform where you can express your opinion. Its even more fun when people appreciate what you have to say."

The Best Laid Plans
Let me tell you the tale of my visit to Karnataka state, a state adjoining Andhra Pradesh, in India.

Things Id Do Differently the Second Time Around
I had a woeful initial understanding of the state of technology-readiness of my new students at Sri Padmavathi Womens University in Tirupati, India. I know now I should have spent at least the first couple of weeks in the computer lab going over the basics.

Reflections on India
Education World tech columnist Bernie Poole reflects on his experiences as a Fullbright Scholar in Tirupati, India.

Computer-Based Learning and Montessorian Manipulatives
The methodologies applied in Montessori schools are based on a philosophy of education that recognizes children's preference for control over their own learning. Consider the "discoveries" she made about the learning modes of the children she worked with.

Creating Your Own Web Site
Bernie Poole provides 12 easy-to-read handouts designed to lead you or your students step-by-step through the process of creating a content-rich education-oriented Web site.

Social Networking: More Hype Than Help?
If you believe the hype, just about everyone between the ages of 16 and 34 who thinks he or she is hip -- or would like to be perceived as hip -- is logging into a social networking site and having a ball. But, asks Bernie Poole, can you believe the hype?

Free Online Teacher Tools
Bernie Poole describes a few of his favorite online teacher tools -- including RubiStar, BlogMeister, Survey Builder, and Web Collaborator.

What Every Teacher Should Know About Technology
Ed-tech professor Bernie Poole identifies six essential technology-related skills every good teacher should possess -- or acquire.

Time-Saving Search Strategies
Online search strategies that will help you find what you're looking for and save you precious online time.

Web Search 101
You can find almost anything you want on the Web if you look for it long enough. But if you know how to "phrase" your Web search questions, you can find what you want in a fraction of the time. Discover the secrets that savvy searchers know!

The Best Search Engines
If you're frustrated by search engines that give you unrelated responses... if you're spending too much time looking for online resources if you're worried students might access the wrong kind of information... these search engines can help you find pertinent, accurate, and safe information.

About the Author

Bernie Poole, an associate professor emeritus of education and instructional technology at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, has been a teacher since 1966. For the first 15 years of his career, he taught English, history, French, or English as a foreign language primarily to middle school children in England, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia. Poole has published several books related to instructional technology. Two of the latest editions are available free of charge online at