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Reaching for the Heart: Five Tips for District Communications Directors
Today, press releases and strategic presentations to special groups are only a small part of the positive media attention that’s possible. Learn how school districts can use social media tools to connect with the global audience, circumventing the traditional media to get the real story out there.

Eight Tips for Successful Online Course Facilitation
Learning is socialand online learning environments engage students in that way. But we have to be careful to avoid trying to engage students in online learning environments with face to face approaches.

Practical Moodle Tips for Technology Administrators
How Moodle is used depends on your expertise in setting up Moodle for maximum educational use. Discover practical tips for enhancing Moodle for K-12 district use.

Moodle-izing Your Education Enterprise
Moodle is one of those technologies that can transform how you handle online professional development and student learning.

Five Lessons for Mobile Device Implementation
Because many school districts are just embarking on implementation of mobile devices, Ive provided five lessons that should be considered before implementation.

Who We Are Together, Not Apart
Writing an AUP must be a collaborative, conversational, transparent process that facilitates conversation between human beings trying to understand who they are together.

Five Essential Tech Tools for School Administrators (Part 3)
As an administrator who uses technology in K-12 settings, I like the idea of using technology to R.E.A.C.H. out to parents and create opportunities for learning and dialogue.

Five Essential Tech Tools for School Administrators (Part 2)
In the second of a 3-part series on essential tools, we explore blogging. Of all the tools available, this one tool has the potential to bring about the most change in your learning and leading situation.

Five Essential Tech Tools for Campus Administrators (Part 1)
Many administrative tasks could be made easier with the use of technology; these are the five tasks I believe have the most potential to be enhanced by technology-related tools.

Five Selection Criteria for Visitor Management Systems
Moving from a paper-and-pencil, staff-member-managed visitor check-in system to a comprehensive technology-driven visitor management system can be expensive and challenging, but it is a critical step in protecting students and staff.

How to Manage Your District's Learning Opportunities
School districts need to be able to provide and manage consistent professional learning opportunities that are scalable, platform-independent (Web-based), and that allow for interface with their district's data warehouse and other systems. But how?

Building Your Personal Learning Network
As we externalize our thinking, it becomes less of I am an expert expounding on what I know" and more of "I am a learner, just like you, sharing what I'm learning so we can learn together." Our understanding of learning is changing. We need to think of learning as an experience that happens when we connect with others.

Broadcast Learning: The Power of Network Learning
What if you could broadcast learning at will via the Internet to a world of learners? What if you could interact with people, not only face-to-face in your workshop, but also halfway around the world? What if your on-site workshop participants could participate in a conversation with those virtual participants? Pretty exciting, no?

Web Site Nirvana?
Depending on your level of expertise, you can jump into online publishing with your own district-supported content management system. Taking on the work of a content management system requires three things

Managing Content in a Read/Write World
It's not how well a technology director controls the content, but how easily he or she can distribute the authority to end users to maintain their own Web-based work.


About the Author

As director of instructional technology for a large urban district in Texas, past president of the state-wide Technology Education Coordinators group in one of the largest U.S. technology educator organizations (TCEA), Miguel Guhlin continues to model the use of emerging technologies in schools. You can read his published writing or engage him in conversation via his blog at Around the Corner.