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The Best Sources of Ideas For Simple Classroom Science Experiments

Note: In order to qualify for most of Larrys lists, a site has to be

  • accessible to English Language Learners and non-tech savvy users.
  • free-of-charge.
  • appropriate for classroom use.
  • completely browser-based with no download required.

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Having students perform simple classroom science experiments is a great way for English Language Learners to develop language skills.

Plus, of course, all students learn science content knowledge and gain an understanding of the scientific method, which is useful in all subjects.

On top of those benefits, students love doing it!

Ive only found one drawback -- I know next to nothing about science. Happily, though, plenty of online resources offer ideas on how to do science experiments with little preparation needed.

Here are my picks for The Best Sources of Ideas for Simple Classroom Science Experiments:

You can find the sites Ive included in this The Best" list, and many more, on the Teachers Page of my Web site under Science Ideas.

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