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The Best Places to Learn Computer Basics and
How to Fix Tech Problems

I know the title of this The Best list is a mouthful, but it was the best I could come-up with. I thought readers might find it useful to have some good resources where non-tech-savvy people (like myself) can look for help related to technology trouble-shooting and software questions. To make it on this list, as in most of my The Best lists, a resource must be available at no cost.

Thanks to Paul Hamilton (who passed on info he received from Wesley Fryer) I learned about Tech-Ease. It has an incredible collection of resources, including video tutorials, and is a gold mine. Its worth reading their posts about the site.

More Great Sites for Educators

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WonderHowTo is a huge instructional video site that has nearly 4,000 videos related to computers. There are also some videos on the site that have content not appropriate for the classroom, so you probably dont want to have students use it. However, if youre looking for online videos that would be okay for students, you might want to look at The Best Online Instructional Video Sites. Even though those sites might not have quite the huge collection of computer-related tutorials that WonderHowTo does, youll certainly find a lot of them.

Woopid has thousands of video tutorials on computer issues and software. It looks pretty impressive.

Education Worlds Techtorial Archives might have some dated material, but you can also find a lot of good current information.

I also like In Pictures, which has excellent picture-based tutorials for popular software that is very accessible to the non-tech-savvy person.

Custom Guides are simple, double-sided cheat sheets that can be printed out for many software applications.

You can find links to these resources, and many others, on my Teachers Page.

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